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Jimmy Kimmel Checks in With Bill Burr in New Coronavirus Quarantine ‘Minilogue’ (Video)

Burr tells Kimmel he’s doing all the chores to make up for being “an a–hole to live with’

In an extra long “Quarantine Minilogue” on Monday, Jimmy Kimmel took a drive and checked in to see how comedian Bill Burr is doing — from a very safe minimum distance of course.

In the bit Kimmel, who has been recording YouTube only monologues while his show (like every other show) is on a coronavirus hiatus, said he had to go grocery shopping, and noting that “there is a safe way to communicate in person, and that is from inside your car.” So it is he taped an iPad to his window so he could film and communicate with other people from inside the car, and drove over to Bill Burr’s place.

Burr joked that he’s doing great because “I hate going to LAX. I’ve been trying to get off the road for like 10 years.”

Burr clarified that he misses doing shows, but specifically, LAX sucks. “It was a screwed up design, they keep doubling down on it, it’s a double decker horseshoe, now they’re building a terminal behind it.” We feel you, Bill.

Burr also looked on the bright side of this whole mess, calling the coronavirus pandemic “a dry run for something really contagious.”

Burr joked that things with his family are good, but said “I am a monster” when Kimmel asked if he’s helping around the house. But what he meant is, “because I’m such an a—hole to live with, I do all of this other stuff, so I cook, I clean, vacuuming.”

“I understand the plight of my wife being married to me,” Burr continued, “so I really go out of my way to do all the little things to make up for the big thing that is me.”

There’s a lot more to the clip of course. Watch it all above now.