Kimmel Reveals How Pentagon Confirmed Spy Balloon Was From China: ‘Turns Out, They Forgot to Take Off the Sticker’ (Video)

“It’s a lot more elaborate than I assumed it was … I didn’t know it was a balloon carrying the Hubble space telescope,” the ABC late-night host joked

Jimmy Kimmel went in on the Pentagon after it released a new photograph Thursday of the Chinese spy balloon the U.S. military shot down earlier this month.

In the photo, taken by an American U-2 spy plane from above the balloon, two solar panels can be seen as part of an apparatus hanging from the balloon. The panels seem to indicate how U.S. authorities judged the balloon to be the “size of three buses,” as was announced early in the Chinese spy balloon saga before it was eventually shot down by a missile over the Atlantic Ocean.

What the photo didn’t indicate was how exactly the U.S. government confirmed the spy balloon was from China, a quandary Kimmel knows the story behind, according to his monologue for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

“Look at this thing,” Kimmel said as the show pulled up the photo for the audience of the ABC late-night show. “It’s a lot more elaborate than I assumed it was. I thought it was just a balloon. I didn’t know it was a balloon carrying the Hubble space telescope.”

Kimmel continued the bit by cracking jokes about how a 300-foot-tall Chinese toddler must be missing the balloon, how the photo was taken as a selfie by the pilot and, for the coup de grâce, “how the Pentagon knew the balloon came from China.”

“Turns out, they forgot to take off the sticker,” Kimmel cracked. “Even our UFOs are made in China!”

Thank God Jimmy is Made in the U.S.A.

Watch the full monologue from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” at the top of this post.