Jimmy Kimmel Compares Michael Flynn Scandal to Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Scene (Video)

“Emperor Palpatine  — shooting lightening out of his fingers — that’s Donald Trump,” says Kimmel on set Friday night

Jimmy Kimmel offered a convenient explainer Friday night for anyone confused about the latest Russia news surrounding former national security adviser General Michael Flynn — and revelations that he will now be cooperating fully with the Special Counsel.

The late-night host said the matter was similar to that scene in “Return of the Jedi,” when Darth Vader switched at the last minute to save his son and destroy Emperor Palpatine (spoiler alert!)

“You see Luke Skywalker getting electrocuted on the floor. OK, Luke represents Robert Mueller, Darth Vader represents Michael Flynn and Emperor Palpatine  — shooting lightening out of his fingers — that’s Donald Trump,” Kimmel said, while a clip from the scene aired.

While, Flynn used to take orders from Trump but his allegiance has flipped now and so he might be about to pick Trump up and throw him down a shaft into the Death Star.

Kimmel’s audience cheered as Palpatine fell to his death.

On Friday, news emerged that Flynn would plead guilty to lying to the FBI, a lesser charge given in exchange for his cooperation with the Special Counsel. A similar deal was offered to former Trump campaign foreign policy  adviser George Papadopoulos in exchange for his cooperation as well.

ABC originally reported that Team Trump had ordered him to make contact with the Russians, contradicting all previous statements to the contrary from the White House. That claim, however, turned out to be false and the network was forced to — eventually — issue a correction saying that the order to contact Russia came after Trump’s election.

The Kimmel “Star Wars” explainer was timely as the latest franchise installment, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will hit theaters later this month.

Watch the video above.