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Jimmy Kimmel Discovers More Untalented Contestants in ‘Do You Have What It Takes?’ Episode 2 (Video)

Watch one contestant demonstrate his unique ability to walk backwards

Jimmy Kimmel aired episode two of his fake reality competition series on Wednesday and inevitably crushed more dreams of the untalented, fame-hungry people auditioning for it.

Kimmel and “Do You Have What It Takes?” co-judges Malcolm-Jamal Warner (“The Cosby Show”), Ali Fedotowsky (“The Bachelorette”) and TLC singer Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas broke up a set of twins, and turned away a man who insisted on stripping down to his underwear while performing.

“To conquer my own fear, why not be in my underwear?” a man named Tyler Lord Hamilton said. “And I am a performance artist.”

The judges were impressed by one leather-clad contestant named Carter, who appeared to be highly caffeinated and bragged about walking 100 miles backwards in Arizona.

When asked to list three things he has in common with “a shooting star,” Carter gave this brilliant answer: “A strong mind, a powerful personage, and an unforgettable aura, and I believe I have those three.”

Remember to drop that line during your next job interview.