Kimmel Turns Trump’s Insults Into a Surprisingly Effective Ad for Late Night TV (Video)

ABC host also mocks Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” monologue

Night 2 of Jimmy Kimmel’s return to late night after the writers’ strike, and during his monologue the host of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” donned some comfortable old clothes, jokes-wise, focusing from the top on Donald Trump.

During the bit, Kimmel took a look at the disgraced ex-president’s attempt to insult him and other late night hosts, and turned that insult into an amusing — and surprisingly effective — ad for late night TV.

“This is really something, of a very loyal viewer, somebody that really watches the show a lot and takes it in, at 1:05 in the morning last night — 1:05 a.m., posted the following thought,” Kimmel began.

“He wrote,” Kimmel continued, now quoting Trump directly, “now that the strike is over, the talentless low-rated creeps of late-night television are back. I knew there was a reason I didn’t want to see it settled. True losers!’”

“This from a man who is such a loser, he buried his ex-wife on a golf course just so he can continue to cheat on her,” Kimmel said.

“I love that with everything he’s got going on — running for president, 91 felony charges, a $250 million fraud trial — he still finds time to watch his favorite late-night shows and tantrum about them,” Kimmel continued, before reading Trump’s comments one more time.

“I have to say, the way he worded that it almost reads like a network promo,” Kimmel said, at which point a promo using Trump’s words and featuring footage from the week’s return episodes of the shows starring Kimmel, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers.

You can watch the whole monologue at the top of the page, but if you want to skip directly to the fun promo, it kicks in at the 2:38 mark.

Meanwhile, Kimmel also zinged Kevin McCarthy, who was removed as speaker of the House of Representatives on Tuesday after a bloc of hard-right Trump supporters called to vacate the position. (McCarthy, by the way, might have survived the effort to remove him had he not mocked Democrats and refused to offer concessions to them in the lead-up to the vote.) You can see that kick in at about the 4:45 mark.


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