Jimmy Kimmel Fact-Checks Donald Trump’s Wildly Incorrect California-Wildfire Tweets (Video)

POTUS is “the only guy who went to see ‘Backdraft’ and rooted for the backdraft,” ABC host says

Jimmy Kimmel just took his red pen to some of Donald Trump’s tweets about the California wildfires.

The ABC late-night host lambasted the president of the United States for spreading fake news and generally having the worst timing and etiquette in human history.

Read the very wrong (in so many ways) tweets below.


“Everything about this tweet was wrong,” Kimmel said on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “The federal government manages most of the forest land in California, not the state, he’s the one who cut the funding, California actually pays more money to the federal government than it gets back, and of course, he does nothing about climate change, which is why these fires happen.”

“But why get tangled up in facts when you can take shots at people who voted for Hillary instead of you?” Kimmel continued. “Donald Trump is the only guy who went to see ‘Backdraft’ and rooted for the backdraft.”

And then there was this one a day later:


On Trump’s “Get Smart!” sign-off, Kimmel quipped, “alright, you go first and then we will.”

Kimmel added: “I understand that California probably isn’t the president’s favorite state, but he can at least pretend to care about us — like he does with Donald Jr.”

Watch the video above.