Jimmy Kimmel Finds People Preparing for ‘the Big’ Earthquake Striking Los Angeles Tomorrow (Video)

Don’t worry, no one can actually predict when “the big one” will strike — but that’s not stopping suckers on the street from talking about it

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 10:53 AM

Los Angeles was awoken by a minor earthquake on Monday morning, and Jimmy Kimmel managed to find a number of people who were bracing for “the big one” to hit later this week.

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Yes, it’s impossible to predict when an earthquake will strike, or how big it will be, but that didn’t stop pedestrians outside Kimmel’s Hollywood Blvd. studio from talking about it as if it were being forecast in the news.

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“It was about 1:15, and it was on the Facebook,” a gentleman told Kimmel’s cameras for a “Lie Witness News” segment on Tuesday. “There was some rabble about it, and then I checked it up, and you know, I looked at the seismology — some of the charts that were going on — and they were saying, yeah, tomorrow.”

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People concerned about the fake news that was just brought to their attention were either stocking up on canned goods, had reservations ready in the “survival sector,” or weren’t prepared at all, but “would like to see a terrible earthquake” — as long as nobody gets hurt, of course.


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