Jimmy Kimmel Finds People to Diss Donald Trump’s ‘Horrible’ GOP Debate Performance Before It Happened (Video)

People say they saw the presidential candidate do push ups and backflips on stage hours before he stepped foot on it

Jimmy Kimmel presented a special Donald Trump version of Lie Witness News on Wednesday.

Kimmel’s team on the street asked pedestrians what they thought of Trump’s performance at the GOP debate on CNBC, hours before the debate had even happened.

“What did you think about how he did push ups instead of a closing argument?” they ask one woman. “That was horrible,” she replied. “It was over the top.”

They asked another man if he saw the viral clip of Trump doing a backflip onstage while talking about Obamacare. “Yeah. I laughed. It was weird,” he said.

Yet another man was not impressed when Trump had cinder blocks brought onstage and started building his proposed Mexican border wall right then and there.

Watch the video.