Kimmel Says Since Tucker Carlson Was Also Axed by MSNBC, CNN and PBS, He’s Won ‘The EGOT Fired’ (Video)

Carlson was of course fired by Fox News on Monday, something ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” has been mocking all week

Jimmy Kimmel found yet more reasons to mock Tucker Carlson during his monologue on Thursday night, this time by recalling all of the TV jobs Carlson has also been fired from throughout his career.

Yes, Carlson was fired by Fox News on Monday. But before that he was fired by MSNBC, before that by PBS, and before that by CNN. And Kimmel joked that means he’s won the “EGOT of cable news.”

“It’s easy to forget how much Tucker Carlson have accomplished over his career. He’s been fired by Fox, CNN, MSNBC and PBS. That’s like the EGOT of cable news,” Kimmel said. “That’s called the EGOT fired – is what it is.”

Kimmel added, “I forgot he got fired by PBS. He called Big Bird a gay chicken, and they had to let him go.”

Of course, we still don’t know why Fox canned Carlson. But there are a lot of theories, rumors, and leaks by people purportedly associated with Fox about it, none of which really match up with one another. And of course Kimmel finds this element of the whole thing fun too.

“There are a lot of new details about what may have led to Fox News suddenly parting ways with Tuck,” Kimmel said. “According to the New York Times, the day before the Dominion defamation trial was supposed to start. The Fox board of directors learned about more covert Tucker Carlson texts that were peppered with highly offensive and crude remarks directed at executives.”

Kimmel added, “These text were said to be so offensive Fox didn’t know whether to fire Carlson or give him another hour on prime time.” This might be a covert reference to the fact that, thanks to the content of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the New York Times once said Carlson hosted “the most racist show in the history of cable news.”

You can watch the entire monologue above now.