Jimmy Kimmel Gets Lesson in YouTube Gaming After Infuriating Online Community (Video)

Late-night host tries to find out for himself how people could possibly enjoy watching others play video games

Jimmy Kimmel tried to educate himself about YouTube gaming Thursday in the wake of backlash the comedian received for criticizing those who watch others play video games online. 

After a slew of angry online comments directed at Kimmel, some of which said they hoped Kimmel got AIDS, he travelled to Maker Studios in Los Angeles and met with YouTube gamers Mark Fischbach and Jonna Mae, a.k.a Markiplier and MissesMae.

Mae started things off by showing Kimmel video of her parents using an Oculus Rift headset to ride a Minecraft roller coaster. After seeing Mae’s mom shrieking, Kimmel said, “Is your mother having an orgasm?”

The two gamers then gave Kimmel a crash course in online gaming by having him play the game Rocket League and record it for YouTube.

Watch the video.