Jimmy Kimmel Has ‘MAGA-nificient’ Idea for GOP Convention Merch Amid Pandemic (Video)

“Now fans of Donald Trump can be white on the inside, too”

Jimmy Kimmel celebrated reports that Jacksonville, Florida has emerged as the frontrunner to host the Republican National Convention — following Charlotte, North Carolina’s recent decision to not commit to hosting a full convention due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic — by coming up with a “MAGA-nificent idea” for merchandising.

“You know they won’t wear masks. Masks will be a rarity at the convention,” Kimmel said during Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” monologue. “So we came up with what I believe might be a MAGA-nificient idea. I’m planning to sell these outside the convention,” he said, as he pulled out a bright red guzzler helmet with the “Make America Great Again” slogan and two bottles of bleach attached to the sides.

“This is the first official MAGA bleach helmet,” Kimmel said, sporting the hat. “You just sip on the Clorox. And now fans of Donald Trump can be white on the inside too.”

Kimmel criticized Trump’s continuous decision to not wear a mask during the pandemic by listing other people “who are smart enough” to do so.

“‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin wears a [University of] Alabama mask. In fact, someone challenged him on this and you know what Stone Cold said? He said, ‘Shut up, dude.’ Stone cold,” Kimmel said.

“You know who else knows better than our president? Brody Jenner. That’s right, Brody Jenner, a man who wears a hat that says ‘Da Crack’ knows to wear a mask.”

He added: “Guess who else is smarter than Trump? Floyd Mayweather, Jr. A gentleman who bought an $18 million watch has more common sense than our commander in chief.”

“And last but not least, you know who wears a mask? OJ, OJ Simpson. The guy who left his gloves behind knows to wear a mask.”

Watch the clip above.