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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids to Name ‘Greatest Country in the World’ – Their Answers Might Surprise You (Video)

The United States of America isn’t top dog for some little tikes

Jimmy Kimmel asked kids to name the greatest country in the world on Thursday’s show, and some of the answers might surprise you, because it wasn’t always the United States.

Then again, the answers weren’t always actual countries, either, but France and Japan got some recognition from the little tykes who participated in the survey.

Why France over the USA? “Because there’s usually a lot of cute poodles there, and I like poodles,” one girl said.

One little boy claimed New York is the best country in the world, “because you can ice skate,” which is sound logic for someone his age.

The rest of the country clearly needs to step up its ice skating game.

Watch kids say the darndest things in the video above.