Jimmy Kimmel Is Gonna Get Punched ‘in the Weiner’ Over His Halloween Candy Prank (Video)

Honestly, he’s got it coming

Jimmy Kimmel has been doing this Halloween candy prank for a decade now, and it’s actually a miracle he hasn’t been decked yet. That may change soon, as one 2019 victim of “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All of Their Halloween Candy” vowed he’s coming after the ABC late-night host.

“If I ever see Jimmy Kimmel, I would punch him in the face,” the boy said in his home video. “He deserves it.”

And if his mom pulls the stunt again, “I’m gonna punch [Kimmel] in the weiner,” he added.

He wasn’t the only kid not laughing about the stunt.

One little girl said it was now “the worst Halloween” she’s “ever had,” and all because of her “dummy, stupid man” of a dad.

Another tells her mom that she’s “gonna call the police.”

“We hate you!” a real angry little girl yells. “We don’t want to live with you anymore!”


A few kids simply smashed their trick-or-treating pumpkin buckets in a fit of rage.

The best ones are the adorable few who forgive their parents, like one girl that warned them not to “do it again” because they’ll get “very sick” and “have to poop all that out.”

Watch the video above.

Editorial aside: There are an unusual number of parents willing to show their kids in their underwear on national television to suit a total stranger’s annual prank. Maybe don’t do that. Or maybe don’t even make your children cry in the first place for an outside chance of getting on TV?