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Jimmy Kimmel Hates YouTube’s New Anti-Prank Rules (Video)

Late-night host is disappointed the ”I bet you can’t eat all the knives challenge“ isn’t allowed on video hub

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t thrilled about YouTube’s crackdown on “dangerous challenges and pranks,” it turns out, after the video giant announced earlier this week that it’ll be removing clips that can “cause death and/or have caused death in some instances.”

“Basically YouTube has just banned YouTube videos,” Kimmel quipped on his show Thursday night. “As someone who loves a good prank and likes to do them, I think it’s sad that a few bad apples had to ruin the fun of eating poisonous detergent packets for everyone.”

He’s of course making a crack about the “Tide Pod” challenge, which swept social media at the beginning of 2018 and led to dozens of reported poisonings. Anyway, Kimmel — who was referenced in YouTube’s announcement earlier this week, with the company saying it’s long supported acceptable pranks like his “terrible Christmas gifts” bit —  headed to YouTube’s “office” on Thursday night to try and figure out what is and isn’t acceptable.

Things quickly went sideways for Kimmel. Most of the potential challenges he had in mind didn’t make it past YouTube’s new, more stringent rules, including:

— The “I bet you can’t eat all the knives challenge.”

— The “setting my brother on fire challenge.”

— The “jump the zoo fence challenge.”

— The “boiling water bucket challenge,” which Kimmel said is “like the ‘ice bucket challenge,’ but hotter.”

Anyway, check out the full clip above to see what challenge Kimmel actually gets the green light on: