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Jimmy Kimmel Tricks Hillary Clinton Supporters Into Endorsing Donald Trump’s Tax Plan (Video)

These voters hate the GOP presidential nominee, but love his tax proposal — providing they think his Democratic opponent thought of it

Jimmy Kimmel proved that Hillary Clinton voters approve of Donald Trump’s tax plan — as long as they think the Democratic presidential candidate came up with the idea herself.

In an amusing segment the ABC late-night host aired Tuesday, Kimmel sent a camera crew out on Hollywood Blvd. to interview self-professed Clinton supporters who would never, ever consider voting for Trump.

Instead of asking about the former Secretary of State’s proposed legislation, they presented Trump’s radical tax plan — calling to eliminate income tax for those earning under $25,000 a year and reducing the top income tax rate from 40 percent to just 25 — as a Clinton initiative.

“I wonder if voters pay attention to the specifics of those plans. It seems to me that most people pick a candidate and go along with whatever that candidate says,” Kimmel said while introducing the bit.

And the people didn’t disappoint, as five Clinton supporters ended up unknowingly endorsing her potential Republican opponent in the general election.

“What would you say if I told you those were all Donald Trump proposals?” the interviewer asked the participants.

“I would say I feel stupid,” one man bravely admitted.

Watch the video┬áthat made Kimmel determine “none of us deserve to vote.”