Jimmy Kimmel Moderates TV’s Most Adorable Debate Focus Group (Video)

These kids are wise beyond their years

Last Updated: October 20, 2016 @ 2:03 PM

Adults have made a giant mess out of everything, so we might as well ask children how they’d run this country.

That’s Jimmy Kimmel’s apparent idea, anyway. The ABC late-night host asked a few kids some very political questions on Wednesday night after the final presidential debate, and some of their answers were a bit more insightful than you might imagine.

And then there was just the labeling and name-calling. Kimmel’s three smallest guests decided that Hillary Clinton looks like an onion and Donald Trump like a carrot — Tim Kaine was quite mushroom-y, they thought. When pressed, the consensus was that they’d all rather eat Donald.

But what about the other potential vice president? He didn’t get a vegetable, and the GOP No. 2 even got a bit of a backhanded compliment from the focus group’s lone boy.

“I think Mike Pence is like more friendlier than Donald, describing their faces,” Quinn said.

“Donald Trump seems like he’s losing his mind every day,” he quickly added on his own. Kids, they notice the darndest things!

A bit later, all three agreed that women make better presidents than men. In this case, it was probably a “can’t be any worse” attitude, which many 18-and-older will be exercising come Nov. 8.

Then there was some weird stuff about whether or not Quinn and middle-girl Raniya are dating.

Watch the video above, and then be grateful these angels don’t need to witness any more of this nonsense until 2020.