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Jimmy Kimmel Is Not Down With ‘Suicidal Beachgoers’ Trying to Force States to End Coronavirus Lockdowns Early (Video)

Kimmel also talks about ”Murder Hornets“ and, of course, Trump

On Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel had little patience for the people protesting stay at home orders and other urgently needed measures to stem the spread of coronavirus, declaring that he’d like to send those “suicidal beachgoers” on an all expenses paid cruise to Wuhan, China.

Kimmel kicked off the bit with a video clip of a demonstration in Huntington Beach, California over the weekend to protest California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s order to close all beaches in Orange County.

“I would love to send all of these people on a cruise – all expenses paid to Wuhan,” kimmel joked, before changing the topic to Florida, where beaches have already started to reopen. Kimmel included a weird local news clip, in which a man dressed like the grim reaper was in a celebratory mood over all the potential COVID-19 infectees. “Now begins the summer of eternal anguish,” the man said. “There will be no Frisbee, only pain. No Jimmy Buffet, only the music of dread and despair as I feast on your souls for all eternity. Shout out to my boy, Satan.”

“It’s nice to see death staying positive during these difficult times,” Kimmel cracked. “I really don’t understand this. I want to go to the beach too – my kids want to go to the beach. But every reputable medical expert says don’t. Don’t gather in public.”

“Here’s the thing I want to ask all these people protesting the stay at home orders. Lets say your mom is sick. She is short of breath, she has a fever – her blood pressure is sky high. Who are you gonna listen to? This guy?” at which point Kimmel showed a photo of Dr. Anthony Fauci. “Or these guys?” Kimmel continued, referring to a photo of some gun nuts protesting public safety.

“Are you going to listen to these women?,” he continued, showing a picture of some more protesters, “Or these women?” referring to a photo of some nurses.

“Personally, I go with whoever has the most teeth,” Kimmel said. Three guesses which photos he meant.

Kimmel also discussed the very disturbing story that the Asian giant Horney, also known as the “Murder Hornet,” and he reimagined the Trump administration as a “Tiger King” style documentary show. Watch the whole clip above