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Jimmy Kimmel Officiates a Vegas Wedding, While Celine Dion Sings and David Spade Objects (Video)

Don’t worry, Jimmy was an altar boy — he’s got this

OK, this story is never staying in Vegas.

On Friday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” two members of the Air Force who are just trying to get married in a little chapel in Las Vegas had their nuptials crashed by not just Jimmy Kimmel, but Celine Dion and David Spade as well.

Kate and Jason had the (mis)fortune of hosting their wedding too close to where Kimmel is housing his ABC late-night show while its in Sin City this week. So they got the joy of being “married” by Jimmy, who spontaneously video-conferenced into their ceremony and took over for their officiant.

Don’t worry he was an altar boy, he’s got this.

But before he could fully take over their ceremony, Spade came in to object — with a rather unusual problem.

“Yeah, my objection is they seem a little too sober and not on my watch in Vegas!” the actor fired, before Guillermo brought in shots for everyone.

Alright, now that they’re buzzed, Kimmel could get this marriage started. “By the power vested in me by the Nevada state bird — which is the Mountain Blue Bird, by the way — I pronounce you husband and wife,” he said. “You may kiss each other on the mouth.”

As a final gift to Kate and Jason, who did not book a wedding singer, Kimmel brought out Dion to serenade them with “Because You Loved Me” for their first dance.

Watch the video above.

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