Jimmy Kimmel Lays Down the Gauntlet for this Year’s Father’s Day Challenge (Video)

We’re going with: “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Served My Dad Breakfast in the Shower”

Last Updated: June 18, 2015 @ 7:06 AM

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, dads cannot catch a break.

Last year, the ABC late-night host asked kids to “Hop on Pop” — jump on their unsuspecting father while he’s sleeping on Father’s Day morning while someone records the fiasco. That didn’t go over so well in many households.

In 2013, “Jimmy Kimmel Live’s” YouTube Challenge asked children to prepare a nice breakfast-in-bed for their dad, and then promptly dump it all over the poor guy on his special day.

This year, Kimmel wants you to once-again prepare the man a nice breakfast for Father’s Day, but this time serve it to him in the shower.

“You can serve it politely and go for the strange reaction, or you can just reach over the curtain and dump it on him — the choice is yours,” Kimmel said.

“Be creative, just be sure to shoot from the waist up — because otherwise YouTube won’t let you post it — and do not injure or kill your father on Father’s Day,” he added.

Father’s Day is this Sunday. Starting locking you bathroom doors, dads.

Watch the video above.