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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live:’ Backstreet Boys Sing Apple-Store Video Tantrum (Video)

Backstreet's back, all right

Warning: This next clip will have you repeating — possibly even singing — "I was told by Apple Care that I could walk in the store and get the part."

After watching a short Vine clip 40 times of a disgruntled Apple store customer creating a scene, Jimmy Kimmel joked Tuesday, "You know, every point is made better when you slam on a baby carriage for emphasis."

He added, "I bet the kid in that stroller tries to put his pacifier in his ears."

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Kimmel decided that he had no recourse other than to make a song about the popular video. Now, Kimmel can't sing — but he had guests on the show that can.

Cue the Backstreet Boys interrupting the monologue for an epic rendition.

Watch the clip: