‘Jimmy Kimmel Live': Jon Favreau Will Direct Wednesday’s Episode

It’s part of a “Cowboys & Aliens” theme week

Jon Favreau will direct Wednesday's edition of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," ABC announced on Monday.

Is this event happening randomly? Of course not.

Favreau's latest movie, "Cowboy & Aliens," debuted at Comic-Con on Saturday and will open wide on Friday, July 29. Kimmel has booked a full week of related material, including drop-ins by stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.

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Quentin Tarantino, J.J. Abrams and Michel Gondry have also directed episodes of "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

While Favreau is obviously on hand to promote his upcoming blockbuster, here's hoping that he sneaks in a quick tribute to "Swingers," which celebrates its 15th anniversary in October. Maybe he and Kimmel could re-enact the "our little baby's all growns up" diner scene?