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Jimmy Kimmel Rips Trump’s Easter Plan: ‘We’re All Gonna Die So the President Can Eat Peeps’ (Video)

Guest Dave Matthews calls POTUS ”a spectacular monkey fool“

Last Updated: March 25, 2020 @ 8:00 AM

Jimmy Kimmel taped “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” from home on Tuesday, as has now become the new normal in the age of the coronavirus. After the host finished greeting his fellow “quaranteenie-boppers,” he had a thing or two to say about President Trump’s goal to open businesses back up by Easter.

“The President of the United States also appears to be planting the seeds for a get back to work movement,” Kimmel said, pointing out Trump’s continued defiance of “the so-called experts who say we are in this for a while.”

Then he rolled a clip of Trump saying he’d love to get the country back up and running “by Easter.”

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“By Easter? That’s in two and a half weeks! Even Jesus is like, Jesus! Calm down. Let’s think this through,” Kimmel quipped. “We’re all gonna die so the president can eat Peeps.”

You know, those sugar-covered marshmallow chicks that can spend years in the back of the pantry and never decompose.

Dave Matthews was the at-home musical guest Tuesday, and the singer of “The Space Between” (which has become a social distancing anthem) had some choice words to say about the president.

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“I’m doing pretty good,” the rocker told Kimmel. “Getting used to this strange time and updates of our fearless leader putting both his feet and both his hands in his mouth and bouncing around the room like a spectacular monkey fool.”

Of course, Kimmel couldn’t resist the opportunity for a tiny hands joke.

“That’s the nice thing about having tiny hands, you can put them and whatever else you want in your mouth, all at the same time.”

Watch the video above.

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