Jimmy Kimmel Has a New Theory About Why Trump Was Sad After Capitol Riot: ‘Jan 6 Is Also the Day Eric Was Born’ | Video

The ABC late night host pokes fun at details from Liz Cheney’s new book

During his monologue on Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel was skeptical about some of the details coming out of former Republican Rep. Liz Cheney’s new book “Oath and Honor.” Specifically, he doesn’t believe for a second that Trump stopped eating over the election.

But Kimmel says he does think Cheney’s story that Trump was depressed after his attempted coup on Jan. 6 failed. Just not for the reason you might think.

“Jan. 6 is also the day Eric was born,” Kimmel quipped. You can watch the whole monologue above now.

Getting into the topic late in the monologue, Kimmel said, “Former Vice Chair of the Jan. 6 Committee and former congressman Liz Cheney just wrote a book that gives new insight into what went down in Congress … Cheney writes in the hours before the siege, Republicans in the GOP cloakroom were signing electoral vote objection sheets, even though they knew this was all a sham to appease Trump.”

“She said congressman Mark Greene of Tennessee said, ‘The things we do for the orange Jesus’ — which they do have a lot in common, you know,” Kimmel continued. “Regular Jesus healed the sick. Orange Jesus told them to drink bleach. It’s kind of the same thing.”

Then Kimmel noted how Cheney says that former speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy “said Trump was aware he lost the election, unlike he’s claiming. McCarthy said he knows it’s over. He needs to go through all the stages of grief.”

“And he did,” Kimmel explained. “First there was denial, then anger, then depression, then anger, anger, denial, denial, denial, denial, denial and finally insurrection.”

“Finally,” Kimmel said, “the most shocking story is why McCarthy suddenly flew to Mar-a-Lago three weeks after Jan. 6.” He ran a news clip reading from Cheney’s book, in which McCarthy is reported to have said, “They’re really worried. Trump’s not eating.”

“Well, now, that I don’t believe. Anything other than he’s not eating. I have another theory about why Trump was so depressed about Jan. 6. Jan. 6 is also the day Eric was born.”

Watch the full monologue in the video above.


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