Jimmy Kimmel Warns a Trump Reelection Means ‘Another 4 Years of Annoying Books About Trump’| Video

The ABC host talks about Liz Cheney’s new book and the GOP House Speaker in his monologue Tuesday

Jimmy Kimmel had an amusing observation about the new book by Liz Cheney in his monologue on Tuesday.

After the ABC host noted that Cheney’s book, “Oath and Honor,” is described as “a memoir and a warning,” Kimmel cracked, “The warning is that another four years of Trump will lead to another four years of annoying books about Trump.”

Cheney’s book, which among other things gets into detail about the things she personally witnessed before and after Trump’s attempt to overthrow the government on Jan. 6, 2021, came out on Tuesday. And, Kimmel observed, “usually the only women who hate him this much were married to him.”

“She says her fellow Republicans in the House referred to Trump, regularly, as ‘Orange Jesus,’ or OJ for short,” Kimmel said.  “And I guess she has an audience because ‘Oath and Honor’ is the number one best seller on Amazon. It’s narrowly edging out, and I did not make this up, the No. 2 best seller on Amazon right now — Snoop Dogg’s cookbook from 2018.”

Kimmel found this confusing of course. “How is that possible? The busiest shopping week of the year, a five-year-old book about tater tots is number two? How stoned are these people?”

“Anyway,” Kimmel continued, “Liz Cheney takes aim at a number of her fellow Republicans, including the new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. Who, you know, Mike Johnson worked very hard behind the scenes to facilitate Trump’s claims that the election was rigged.  And he’s still at it.”

Kimmel noted how Johnson is now releasing heavily edited footage from the Jan. 6 attacks “as part of an ongoing effort to pretend the insurrection was no big deal. Johnson announced they would be releasing thousands of hours of footage of the friendly neighborhood riot on the Capitol,” ostensibly so Americans can “draw their own conclusions.”

“Maybe the American people will say, ‘Oh, now I get it, Mike Pence should have been hung,’” Kimmel joked.

After noting Johnson’s obviously bad faith justification for obscuring the faces of participants in the attack and his claim doing so is an effort at “transparency,” while also admitting that he is shielding them from legal scrutinty, Kimmel was less than charitable.

“We want transparency. So, we’re going to blur out all the faces of the people who were there. These people weren’t trying to hurt anybody. Ted Cruz was only hiding in a supply closet because he loves the smell of a mop,” Kimmel said. “The last thing we want to do is send the message that Americans can’t try to overthrow their government anymore. We have to protect them from the law enforcement we work so hard to pretend to support.”

Watch the whole monologue above now.


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