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Jimmy Kimmel Made a Climate Change PSA Just for Trump

The late night host tries to convince the president that climate change is real by pointing out how it will effect him specifically

Climate change affects everyone, but on his late-night show on Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel showed a special PSA just for Donald Trump, if only to show the president how it will affect him in the coming years.

The faux ad starts with shots of steaming forests and an industry plant straight out of “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore’s 2006 documentary about the environment. Then the narrator explains what would happen to the world’s golf courses, should we continue to ignore climate change: “Scientists say that by 2050, 80 percent of the world’s coastal golf courses could be submerged.”

“Droughts will dry up fairways, and make putting greens un-puttable,” the narration continues. Then we get a shot of a “destroyed” Mar-a-Lago: “Rising sea levels in Florida will make exclusive luxury waterfront clubs uninhabitable.”

The video also explains that agriculture will be deeply impacted — leading to fried chicken shortages. And young women will be way too dehydrated to have sex with “wealthy, older, married men.”

At the end of the bit, we see that the “ad” was “paid for by Americans for Whatever the F— It Takes.”

Watch the clip above.