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Jimmy Kimmel Promotes Toronto Tourism After Mocking Mayor Rob Ford (Video)

The comedian wasn’t sure how ”upset“ Ford was over inquiries about his drinking and crack cocaine use, and wondered: ”What were we supposed to talk about? His other hobbies?“

Jimmy Kimmel continued to hammer his favorite bright-red target on Tuesday when he used his monologue to joke about his interview with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, which may or may not have “upset” the Canadian politician.

“We had an interesting night last night. The mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, was here — and after that, I’m not sure what happened. It seemed like we were having fun. We went over — much of his remarkable life. We reviewed some of his home videos. But then after the show, he was apparently upset,” Kimmel told his audience. “Why, I’m not exactly sure. I asked him about drinking and smoking crack. What were we supposed to talk about? His other hobbies?”

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Canadian press got several conflicting quotes from Ford and his brother, Toronto city councilor Doug Ford, after the interview on Monday. In one breath, Councilor Ford told a reporter the Mayor was “a little upset” after being roasted by the comedian, but then described the experience as “a church picnic” compared to Toronto media.

Mayor Ford then said his brother was the only party “upset” after the interview. The final consensus from Councilor Ford seemed to be, “The only thing we’re disappointed about is that we wanted to pump Toronto more.”

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“The thing is – it’s hard to tell whether Mayor Ford is mad or not because his face is always bright red; it doesn’t change colors,” Kimmel joked.

Before the show, Kimmel tweeted he “did NOT apologize” to the Fords, but did promise more promotion for their city, and delivered with a video of him driving through Toronto on a guided tour from his sidekick, Guillermo.

“Tonight, as a sign of international good will — because the last thing we need right now is a war with Canada — I decided to show video of all the wonderful sights I saw in Toronto,” Kimmel said before launching the segment.

Watch Kimmel take the tour of Toronto’s streets below: