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Jimmy Kimmel Makes Hollywood’s Stoners Look Really Dumb (Video)

Marijuana shoppers passed or failed Kimmel’s ”Pot Quiz,“ depending on how you look at it

Jimmy Kimmel made his audience think twice about embracing marijuana on Tuesday as the drug continues to climb higher toward acceptance across the country.

In a segment called “Pot Quiz,” Kimmel had his crew wait outside a West Hollywood pot shop on Melrose Ave. to ask customers two quiz questions — one serious and one dumb.

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Unfortunately for those arguing that regularly consuming marijuana does not kill brain cells, the stoners that made the hilarious cut (above) did not do too well on more serious questions, including “Who is the speaker of the house?” and “Can you name me the current Secretary of State?”

However, they nailed trivia questions about Taco Bell, “Pineapple Express,” “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” and Tommy Chong.

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And to be fair, those are all subjects people like house speaker John Boehner or Secretary of State John Kerry probably don’t know very much about, so maybe these stoners passed the “Pot Quiz” with flying colors — or flying shades of green.