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Jimmy Kimmel Mashes Up Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ With Marvel Movies to Give You ‘Irish Man’ (Video)

Did we mention Martin Scorsese stopped by ”Jimmy Kimmel Live!“ Monday night?

We all know how Martin Scorsese feels about Marvel movies and that the last thing he’d want is to be involved with one himself — and if you don’t, we’re assuming it’s because you’ve been stuck on Ragnarok for the last month.

But Jimmy Kimmel has been down here on Earth amid all the Marvel-Scorsese drama, which is why when the filmmaker came to visit “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday to promote his new Netflix movie “The Irishman,” the ABC late-night host took it upon himself to transform the Roberto De Niro and Al Pacino-led project into an MCU installment: “Irish Man.”

“As you may know, Martin Scorsese has been getting some attention for comments he made about Marvel movies,” Kimmel said. “He said, among other things, that he doesn’t think those movies are cinema, which upset a lot of people. And anyone who knows me knows that the one thing I hate is to see people upset and that’s why I’m pleased to announce, not just to announce, I’m pleased to bring you the world premiere trailer for the first-ever collaboration between Marvel and Martin Scorsese.”

Kimmel proceeded to show the actual trailer footage for “The Irishman,” which was peppered with elaborate edits to help turn De Niro into Irish Man, complete with a glowing green mask with a shamrock symbol.

Watch the clip above and an actual “The Irishman” trailer here.

“The Irishman” is in theaters now and debuts Nov. 27 on Netflix.