Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Celebrity Mean Tweets’: Jon Hamm Is a ‘Softboy,’ Will Ferrell ‘Just Screams’ (Video)

David Spade gets a supporting role in a fart, and you don’t wanna know what Jake Gyllenhaal is told he smells like …

Sunday night’s Primetime Emmy Awards were all about singing the praises of Hollywood stars — and Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” was all about cutting them back down to size again.

The latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” left no celebrity unscarred as Jon Hamm, Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Fred Savage, Maisie Williams and more were made to read out the nastiest social-media takedowns of them ever to hit Twitter.

As always, Will Ferrell got into character by screaming out his Mean Tweet: “‘Will Ferrell is overrated. Sorry, but he just screams.’” Even the “Anchorman” star couldn’t disagree with that description. “It’s kinda true,” he added.

According to Hamm’s critic, the “Mad Man” alum “is a softboy with a dad bod. #truf.”

Meanwhile, Chris Rock admitted that he had to make “Grown Ups 2” because he lost all his money in a divorce, and Kim Kardashian challenged a Mean Tweeter to “plant poison ivy plants” in their anus.

David Spade might actually use his Mean Tweet in an upcoming standup skit, as at least he seemed to find it hilarious: “‘I just cut a fart that smells so bad, they added David Spade as a supporting character,’” he read, before collapsing into giggles. “I actually auditioned for that and didn’t know if I got it,” Spade quipped.

Hell, at least he was better off than Jake Gyllenhaal, who was told his “dick smells like hot dog water.” That’s like a haiku, the actor marveled. “It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing to say.”

Watch these and other vicious takedowns in the video above.