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Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Mean Tweets – Music Edition’ Hits a Sour Note With P!nk, Zendaya, Nick Jones (Video)

”Fall Out Boy is the Comic Sans MS of music. They are both entirely overused“

Jimmy Kimmel got mean on Twitter on Tuesday — and no, we’re not talking about his response to Donald Trump’s Oscar-ratings slam. The late-night host brought in some of your favorite musicians for another round of, you guessed, it “Mean Tweets.”

Singers including P!nk, Zendaya, Nick Jonas, Adam Levine and members of TLC and Fall Out Boy rattled off the cruelest zingers Kimmel could find about them on social media, and since they were laughing, you should too.

Here are just a few of our favorite catty comments:

“Pink makes music for obnoxious white bridal parties that drunkingly walk into a Denny’s and ruin everyone’s evening.” The singer disagreed, saying through laughter, “I would have said Waffle House.”

“‘Waterfalls’ by TLC has to be the worst song about waterfalls, ever.”

“Fall Out Boy is the Comic Sans MS of music. They are both entirely overused.”

“Nick Jonas was cute back when he was in the Jonas Brothers and now he looks like a ferrit.”

“Zendaya skinny af! Damn. Looking like a whole spaghetti”

“Adam Levine is if a flaccid penis could kinda sing,” a tweet Levine proclaims “riddled with mistakes.”

Watch the video above for those and more.