Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Putin’s Botox Shortage: ‘Assets Are Frozen … Foreheads Are Not’

“Look at that face … smooth as a baby’s gruel, isn’t it?”

After all those years in Hollywood, Jimmy Kimmel ought to know a Botox job when he sees it. And he sees one in Vladimir Putin.

Kimmel on Thursday night mocked the warring Russian leader, long rumored to be a fan of Botox and other appearance-enhancing methods, now that the company that makes the drug has cut off Russia from supplies – as oodles of companies have done – over its invasion of Ukraine.

“Even pharmaceutical companies have stopped shipping non-essential drugs to Russia – including Abbvie, the company that makes Botox,” Kimmel said. “Which is interesting, because Vladimir Putin is widely rumored to use Botox. Without it, the fear is that he may wither and turn into this,” showing the infamous photo of shirtless, horse-borne Putin – animated into a withering, emaciated old man.

Then, with a photo of Putin’s plumped and youthful (for his age) face on the screen, Kimmel continued:

“While we don’t know for sure that Putin takes Botox shots, this photograph indicates that he absolutely, one hundred percent does … Look at that face! Smooth as a baby’s gruel, isn’t it? Like a Real Housewife of Saint Petersburg.”

“What a weird time for Russians,” Kimmel concluded. “Their assets are frozen, but their foreheads are not.”

Watch the entire clip above.