Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump for Comparing Himself to Mother Teresa, Who ‘Herself Had Sex With a Paid-Off Porn Star’ | Video

“Imagine being proud to be at your fathers porn star trial. ‘Good job dad!’” the late night host jokes

Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hold back Wednesday night while covering the final day of testimony from former President Donald Trump’s hush money fraud trial, mocking the embattled politician for comparing himself to Mother Theresa while speaking to media outside the courthouse.

“That’s right, even if Mother Teresa herself had sex with and paid off a porn star after a round of golf, even she would have trouble getting away with it,” Kimmel joked. “Mother Teresa has been dead for 27 years now.”

Kimmel ripped into Trump less than 24 hours before the former president was found guilty on 34 felony counts related to the Stormy Daniels hush money scandal in 2016. Even then, the late night host maintained that Trump “had no chance to acquit.”

Kimmel returned to the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” stage in Los Angeles after spending the holiday weekend at Children’s Hospital where his son Billy underwent his third open heart surgery. Thankfully, he “is doing very well,” according to Kimmel. However, his “extra, extra long weekend” occurred during the height of the final days of the Trump trial, meaning he had a lot to share with the crowd during his opening monologue.

Kimmel started off rather tame with a quick update on the trial and how “Donald Joanna Trump” had been spending his time in the courtroom this week.

“The jury deliberated for several hours today and they will pick up tomorrow. Trump is not allowed to leave the courthouse while they deliberate. Today he had to sit there for hours farting next to the vending machine,” he told the audience. 

He went on to talk about some of the most memorable moments from the trial so far — starting with the former president comparing himself to Mother Teresa.

“Trump knows he has no chance at acquit, because well, because he did it … so his move for all those who suckle at his considerable teet now is to claim this whole deal is rigged against him,” he said. He then cut to a video of Trump stating, “Mother Teresa could not beat these charges, these charges are rigged, the whole thing is rigged.”

Kimmel actually went on to humorously agree with Trump. “That’s right, even if Mother Teresa herself had sex with and paid off a porn star after a round of golf, even she would have trouble getting away with it. Mother Teresa has been dead for 27 years now,” he said. 

Kimmel covered almost everything in the remainder of the monologue, from Robert De Niro, to the speeches from Trump’s seemingly prideful sons and some of Trump’s best social media posts from the week. 

He concluded his monologue on a rather different note by discussing what was, according to him, an even bigger story than anything Trump has said or done this week. What he was referring to, of course, was the viral “Wheel of Fortune” clip where contestant Tavarus Williams guessed “Right in the Butt!” instead of “This is the Best!” when instructed to guess the phrase on the show.  

Watch all that and more in the full “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” monologue video above.


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