Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump’s ‘Annual Visit to Church’ (Video)

“What do you do when you’re in Las Vegas? Of course, you go to church,” Kimmel jokes

Jimmy Kimmel took a dig at President Trump’s “annual visit to church” on Monday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

During a Las Vegas campaign stop, Trump paid a visit to the nondenominational International Church of Las Vegas.

“President Trump has been all over the place lately. He had a campaign fundraiser down the freeway in Newport Beach yesterday, and he was in Las Vegas,” Kimmel said. “And what do you do when you’re in Las Vegas? Of course, you go to church.”

Then Kimmel zoomed in on footage of a maskless Trump sitting in the front row of the indoor church, peeling off bills to put in the collection basket.

“You can see here, he counts out $100. He wants to make sure he has that, fresh clean bills,” Kimmel said. “Turns out it wasn’t a collection basket. What they sent out was a plastic collection bucket. There it was, there you go. He made his first charitable donation of the year. Congratulations.”

He then rewound the footage to make it look like Trump had actually stolen money from the collection basket.

“Or was it? Why that son of a gun, he pulled the old switcheroo on Jesus!” Kimmel joked, adding that “The president has been giving his worshippers lots of opportunities to see him live and in person.”

Watch the clip above.

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