Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates Biden’s Birthday by Noting He’s Older Than Kitty Litter (Video)

POTUS is also much younger than corn flakes, ABC host notes

On Monday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel rang in President Joe Biden’s 81st birthday with a fun game for his studio audience — guess what is, and what isn’t older than Biden.

“Joe Biden turned 81, which means he’s not only the oldest President ever, he’s older than just about everything in the world. I am going to name an item, you guess if Joe Biden is older or younger than it. Okay?” Kimmel said as he began the bit.

“Joe Biden was born November 20th, 1942. Is he older or younger than Tupperware?” Kimmel asked.

Answer: “He is older than Tupperware.”

“Okay, next up, the Slinky. Is Biden older or younger than the Slinky? And.. that’s right it was 1943. Older than the Slinky,” Kimmel said.

“Cornflakes! Is Joe Biden older or younger than Cornflakes? Oh, you might be surprised. He’s actually quite a bit younger, they were invented in 1906,” Kimmel continued.

“How about the Bra? Younger or older than the Bra? We’re mixed on that one. Biden is younger than the bra!” Kimmel proclaimed.

As the gag went on, Kimmel revealed that Biden is older than Betty Crocker cake mix (1947), is the exact same age as two ply toilet paper, and is older than Kitty Litter (1947).

Watch the whole monologue above now.


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