Jimmy Kimmel Jokes Trump Will Have to Sell ‘Eric on Craigslist’ to Pay $454 Million Judgment | Video 

“He has him listed in the ‘Tools’ section,” the ABC host says

Jimmy Kimmel touched on a lot of recent events in his monologue on Thursday night — including the Supreme Court’s move to help Donald Trump avoid any criminal judgement until after the 2024 election.

But before he got to that topic, Kimmel spent some time talking about Trump’s apparent inability to pay the $454 million judgment against him after being convicted of business fraud in New York. And the ABC host suggest Trump may have to sell his least favorite child to do it.

“I mentioned last night that in order to appeal the ruling in his fraud case in New York, he has to come up with the full $454 million dollar penalty. Or a bond to cover it,” Kimmel said.

“In other words, a man who became famous for never paying anyone back has to convince a bonding company he will definitely pay them back. And it’s not happening. It’s an astonishing amount of,” Kimmel said, trailing off comedically.

“He owes like a whole Powerball Lottery jackpot. He may very well have to sell off his properties to cover it. But that’s a worst-case scenario. His first move is to see how much he can get for Eric on Craigslist. He has him listed in the ‘Tools’ section,” Kimmel joked.

“Wouldn’t it be great if Trump has to sell Mar-A-Lago to some billionaire liberal? Maybe Oprah-Lago would be a solution?” he added.

You can watch the full monologue at the top of the page now.


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