Jimmy Kimmel Pits LA Against New York in Stereotypical Impression Contest (Video)

ABC late-night host makes people from one coast imitate people from the other

Jimmy Kimmel seems to be trying to reignite the decades-old rivalry between the East Coast and the West Coast.

On Thursday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel had a camera crew in New York and another in Los Angeles. Each crew asked people on the street to do their best impression of people from the opposite coast.

In New York, everyone seemed to believe that people in L.A. love kale and salads. When asked to give an impression of an Angeleno ordering lunch, one New Yorker said, “Can I have a salad, a salad, and a side salad, please? With a half of an avocado.”

A woman in LA, asked to give her impression of a New Yorker, said, “Hey yo, mom! You wanna get some pizza over there? Cheese, please. On the double. Make me some coffee, too.”

Watch the video both coasts should be able to appreciate.