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Jimmy Kimmel Pleads for People to Stop Dressing Pets Up in Stupid Christmas Costumes (Video)

Cats and dogs stand united on this pressing issue

As Fox News prepares to embark on its annual yuletide mission to warn viewers about the “War on Christmas,” Jimmy Kimmel decided to raise awareness for a new battle: Stop dressing your pets up in stupid holiday costumes!

“Your pet doesn’t know it’s Christmas. In fact, your pet doesn’t even know it’s a pet,” Kimmel joked. “Giving your cat a sweater is about as useful as giving your microwave a hat. Pets don’t celebrate holidays.”

Kimmel helped cats and dogs strike back against their owners by creating a public service announcement advocating against the cruel and all-too-usual practice of shoving animals into “cute” costumes for our enjoyment — not theirs.

“Dear humans, you’ve got the holiday spirit. We get it. But we don’t,” the narrator says on behalf of domestic animals everywhere. “So please, don’t drag us into your twisted pagan ritual by dressing us in ridiculous and uncomfortable outfits.”

Watch the video.