Jimmy Kimmel Pledges to ‘Faithfully Satirize, Criticize, Lampoon’ President Trump (Video)

“Today was either a great day for the USA — or the eighth chapter of the book of Revelation,” late night comedian says

Last Updated: January 20, 2017 @ 11:11 PM

Now that Donald Trump is President, will comedian Jimmy Kimmel continue to make fun of the Most Powerful Man in the World on his late night show?

“Yeah. Of course!” the host joked on Friday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Apparently, it hasn’t been all that easy for the funny man to make up jokes about the Obama family for the past eight years. He said he’s had to actually force himself to poke fun at the former First Lady’s vegetable garden. But Kimmel will have no such difficulty coming up with material for the new POTUS.

Check out the clip above.

“You think I am not going to grab this pumpkin by the guts and shake it until all the seeds pop out?” said Kimmel. Like most comics, pointing out the presidents’ quirks (no matter who they are), is pretty much a given.

“When President Bush couldn’t open that door? When this – magic moment popped up out of nowhere — to delight us all, I was there, calling him Aunt Nancy,” Kimmel said. “When President Obama — slipped his skinny hips into a pair of Mom jeans — to throw out the first pitch at the All-Star game… I was there.

“What I’m saying is — while Presidents may come and go – this monologue happens every night.  And tonight — I rededicate myself to taking our leaders to task.”

And, with that, Kimmel took a solemn oath:

I, James Lando Calrissian Kimmel, do solemnly swear to faithfully satirize, criticize, lampoon and harpoon the President of the United States.   

I believe in truth, justice and the American way – and Superman is dead – so there aren’t many of us left!

So you know the old saying – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?

Well – guess what? Life just gave us an orange as President – so lets make some of that orange drink they used to serve at birthday parties at McDonald’s!  

This is my pledge to you – so help me God.

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