Jimmy Kimmel Proves Too Many People Still Think President Obama is a Muslim (Video)

Comedian’s latest “Pedestrian Question” segment asks strangers on the street if they believe the President practices Islam

Last Updated: September 3, 2015 @ 8:04 AM

According to a new public policy poll, 54 percent of Republicans believe that President Barack Obama is a Muslim, and so do some strangers Jimmy Kimmel found on the street on Wednesday.

The ABC late-night host used the topic to play his regular audience guessing game, “Pedestrian Question,” for which Kimmel’s team asked people passing by on Hollywood Blvd. if the sitting Commander in Chief is a Muslim, then left it up to his studio audience to predict the answer.

Responses were mixed, but one thing is for sure: After seven long years in the Oval Office, Obama still hasn’t convinced some Americans he does not practice Islam.


Watch the video.