Jimmy Kimmel Reads Angry Viewer Reactions to Climate Change Segment: ‘Shut Your Yap!’ (Video)

The host took Sarah Palin to task on Monday for her continued denial of global climate change

Jimmy Kimmel received some (hilarious) negative reactions to his Monday segment on climate change, and he shared them with his audience on Tuesday night.

“I had an interesting night last night. Social media is kind of terrible and kind of great,” said Kimmel. “In the old days when I would do or say something that would make people mad, they had to mail a letter, with a stamp, and had to go to the mailbox … but now when they get upset, they can go online and torpedo that rage directly at me immediately.”

And that they did very shortly after Kimmel tackled climate change on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday, when he even made a video featuring real scientists responding to climate change denial.

Referencing “big dummy” Sarah Palin, who claims that climate change isn’t real, Kimmel said that scientists “are not in the hoax business. They are scientists, they have work to do.”

So Kimmel collected a few negative Facebook and YouTube comments, such as “Mr. Kimble if you are so smart many you should get a real job like climate scientist I give up you!”

Another Facebook comment read, “Hey jackass, scientists also thought the world was flat. Do us all a favor reduce man made gases and shut your yap!”

A YouTube commenter wrote about Kimmel, “This character is as dopey as that moronic looking beard apparently. Although I think the beard is smarter than he is.”

And lastly, someone wrote, “WTF? There is no climate change. Can’t you see the snow?”

Watch the video above. 


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