Jimmy Kimmel Says Colbert ‘Sent Soup,’ but ‘Seth Meyers, Not a Peep’ When He Had COVID (Video)

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host kept a detailed list of everyone who didn’t reach out during his illness – including his Aunt Chippy

Jimmy Kimmel has recovered from COVID and he returned to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday night where he updated his audience about what happened while he had the virus – including who did, and who did not reach out to him.

“And testing positive made me realize I need to think more positively. Instead of focusing on how many people were texting me, I decided to focus on how many people didn’t text me,” Kimmel said during his monologue. “In fact, I made a list of those people. I went through my whole address book to figure out who I know.”

At that point, Kimmel started rattling off names of the people in his life who he claims did not attempt to see how he was doing.

“No. 1 person who did not text me while I had COVID, my Aunt Chippy did not call – my Godmother,” he said. “Didn’t hear from her until she got her Mother’s Day flowers from me, then she called. I heard from my Godfather, Uncle Charlie, nothing from Aunt Chippy.”

As Kimmel continued, he listed several additional family members he said didn’t get in touch including his Uncle Vinnie, his Aunt Joanne, his Uncle Tony, his Aunt Janice, his Aunt Marilyn and several cousins.

He did, however, hear from a number of other late night hosts – except for one.

“I heard from a lot of my colleagues. I heard from Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart, James Corden all checked in. Stephen Colbert sent soup to my house. Seth Meyers, not a peep,” Kimmel claimed about the “Late Night” host, to laughs. “Nothing from Seth, nothing from George Stephanopoulos.”

And, perhaps unsurprisingly Matt Damon – who has been part of a long-running joke on Kimmel’s show – didn’t reach out either, Kimmel claimed.

“Nothing from a guy I’ve been trying hard to get on the show for years now – Matt Damon didn’t bother to check in,” he said.

During his illness, Kimmel said he did get a dinner invite from Martin Short via text, but said that once he informed the star that he couldn’t make it as his family had COVID, Short didn’t reply. He did hear from Billy Crystal. In fact, Kimmel went on to note that Crystal received Tony Awards nominations on Monday, and Short did not (he didn’t mention Short wasn’t in the running).

Watch the whole monologue above.