Rita Ora Sings Clickbait Headlines for Jimmy Kimmel and You Gotta Hear It (Video)

Here’s your latest obsession, people who like obsessions

Rita Ora knows a thing or two about grabbing the masses with a catchy offering. On Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel had the songstress belt out a bunch of stupid clicky Internet headlines into one tune.

“The Clickbait Song” included lines like: “A Baby Re-enacts a Bruce Lee Fight/This One Strange Trick Can Reduce Cellulite.”

And: “11 People Who Died Taking Selfies/This Is What Happens When You Don’t Shear Sheep.”

Plus, who wouldn’t click on “19 Struggles of Girls With Big Butts”? Other topics include a bunny with perfect Donald Trump hair, and weirdos who kiss their dogs with open mouth and tongue.

Ora and Kimmel agreed that they think they have a hit on their hands — but do you? Watch the video above, and let us know in the comments section.