Jimmy Kimmel Reveals ‘Ruth Bader Gins-bubble’ Hamster Ball to Protect RBG (Video)

“This thing is actually grizzly bear-proof,” says Kimmel, but he still has to figure out the bathroom situation

Ruth Bader Ginsburg may be down, but she’s not out. And she’s not going anywhere, any time soon, at least not on Jimmy Kimmel’s watch.

During Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the late-night host revealed he’s taken some serious precautions to ensure that the 85-year-old Supreme Court justice — who is currently hospitalized with fractured ribs after a fall — stays safe and sound in her seat in the highest court in the land.

“For obvious reasons, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is someone we need to protect, at any cost,” Kimmel told his guests. “We need her to keep going for another, like, maybe 80 years. So — and I don’t just talk, I take action. That’s my way. And I’ve come up with something that I think could help: the Ruth Bader Gins-bubble.”

It was then that Kimmel — who is firmly anti-Trump and probably can’t handle POTUS getting to pick yet another Supreme Court justice — unveiled his creation: a giant plastic hamster ball, big enough to fit a small, elderly woman in.

“We’ve been developing this over the last year,” he said, as an RBG model rolled it across the stage — from the inside, of course. “We are sending this to Washington to protect Justice Ginsburg from injuries, from criminals, from bears. This thing is actually grizzly bear-proof. Even if a strong gust of wind were to blow Justice Ginsburg into a river, she would be able to float and move, like a hamster.”

Kimmel admits he still hasn’t figured out the bathroom situation yet, though.

Watch the clip above.