Jimmy Kimmel Scores Record YouTube Week With ‘Mean Tweets – Avengers Edition’ Boost

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” scores 81 million views on YouTube channel

Jimmy Kimmel

This YouTube thing is no joke for Jimmy Kimmel.

The late-night host just scored his best week ever on the streaming giant, raking in more than 81 million views for the week ending May 7.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” channel, which has nearly 12 million subscribers, was bolstered by the big response to its “Mean Tweets — Avengers Edition,” featuring the cast of the latest Marvel blockbuster.

“Scarlett Johansson has the emotional range of f—–g celery, I hate white people,” tweeted one troll. “All of us?” asked an incredulous Johansson.

The “Avengers” clip pulled in 12.5 views for the week, and has since passed the 14 million view threshold. Being part of the Disney family, just like Marvel, paid off for Kimmel, it seems.

Kimmel’s show launched on YouTube in 2006, and was already coming off a hot stretch, with the channel pulling in 75.6 million views for the week prior. Altogether, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” has netted more than a quarter of a billion views in the last month.