Jimmy Kimmel’s Sidekick Guillermo Did the Absolute Worst Interviews at the Emmys (Video)

ABC security guard just wants to “Lady and the Tramp” some snacks with Sunday’s winners

Jimmy Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo made his presence felt Sunday at Fox’s Emmy Awards, when the ABC late-night show returned with its bizarre interview segment, “Back-to-Back.”

If you’ve never seen this silliness before, it’s kind of like a regular face-to-face interview — just, you know, back-to-back. Hand mirrors help the two converse, though they’re certainly not the only props Guillermo had in his trunk.

First up, the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” security guard shared a giant candy necklace with Jason Bateman, who hasn’t been eating sugars lately. But hey, it’s a party.

Guillermo then gets Alex Borstein to donate her Emmy Award to Flipper, the famous dolphin from his (or her?) self-titled 1960s TV show. Borstein actually does a mean dolphin, as we found out in her revised acceptance speech.

The food gag was probably not a great idea, as Guillermo soon ran into another dietary issue, this time with Tony Shalhoub. The “Monk” alum is off carbs, so he turned down a breadstick.

Shalhoub was cool with the incredibly long and incredibly phallic cucumber, however.

That’s when Guillermo ran some monologue jokes by “Barry” star, Bill Hader.

Here’s how bad they were. Hader’s response was simply “F— you, man.”

Watch the video above.

There, you’ll also see Guillermo pounding tequila with “Game of Thrones” star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. They got the most intimate on some Red Vines.

(Here, we’ll point out Coster-Waldau was the only non-winner in the skit. He was backstage celebrating with the whole “Thrones” gang, which was awarded Outstanding Drama Series to close out the night — and the HBO show’s entire run.)

As it turns out, Guillermo did tequila shots with damn near everyone who stopped by. How did that dude make it to work on Monday?