Jimmy Kimmel Slammed for Diabetes Punchline: ‘It Is an Illness Not a Joke’

Late-night’s most vocal health care advocate comes under fire on Twitter

Jimmy Kimmel

On Wednesday Jimmy Kimmel publicly thanked fellow television star Kelly Ripa for some cookies sent by the daytime host — but in the process included a bizarre remark about diabetes.

“Thank you for the cookies @KellyRipa,” he said, adding, “You are sweeter than diabetes #KimmelinBrooklyn”

I guess the joke was that the sweetness of her gift and the cookies would be worth the diabetes caused by the sugar intake, or something like that — needless it to say, it wasn’t his A material.

The remark drew instant backlash on Twitter — especially given Kimmel’s recent evolution into America’s foremost late-night healthcare advocate.

A representative for ABC Television did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment. Kimmel, however, seemed a pinch annoyed at the kerfuffle, pinning this evergreen tweet from Jan. 3 to the top of his feed.