Jimmy Kimmel Compares Confederate Statues to Trump Buildings

“We should probably take down every building with the name Trump on it,” late night host says

More tweets from President Donald Trump mean more fodder for late night hosts.

Take Jimmy Kimmel, who on his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday night, responded directly to Trump’s tweets about the taking down of Confederate and other racist statues.

You can read Trump’s tweets below.




The tweets were sent out in response to many cities’ moves to take down statues of racist historical figures in the wake of weekend Charlottesville violence. On Wednesday, Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh said that she ordered all Confederate statues removed overnight. Many figures in Washington also called for the removal of similar statues in the Capitol.

“I have to admit, he does make one good point,” Kimmel said. “If we’re going to start taking down every monument that pays tribute to racists — we should probably take down every building with the name Trump on it, you know?” The line was met with thunderous applause.

He continued, “I love how he’s trying to pretend these white supremacists are a bunch of art-lovers and historical preservationists. “Grab your tiki torch and swastika Bob! They’re trying to take our sculptures away!

Kimmel ended the bit with a jab at Trump and his legacy.

“I don’t understand why he cares about these statues so much. Once this is over, he knows we’re not building one for him, right?”

According to CNN, cities such as New York, Lexington, Charlottesville and others have plans to remove Confederate statues.