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Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Joe Biden, Also Identifies ‘Where’s Waldo’ as a Serious Coronavirus Risk (Video)

It goes down in a new ”Jimmy Kimmel Live“ ”minilogue“

Last Updated: March 27, 2020 @ 6:27 AM

Jimmy Kimmel sat down Thursday for a virtual chat about the coronavirus pandemic with Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden — but more importantly, he also correctly identified a seriously dangerous disease vector: “Where’s Waldo.”

A lot of people have remarked how hard it is lately to look at media depicting tons of people crowded together, without immediately thinking about social distancing. But as Kimmel pointed out in the latest “Jimmy Kimmel Live” coronavirus minilogue, “Where’s Waldo” might be the scariest offender of all.

Kimmel was alerted to the problem by one of his writers, named Jesse, who has been reading the classic book series with his kid. “They’ve probably never bothered anyone ever, until now. Because the ‘Where’s Waldo’ books are a social distancing nightmare,” Kimmel said.

His first example was a scene from one of the books on a beach. “Jesse said he took a look at all these cartoon people crowded together and became immediately enraged,” Kimmel reported.

But it gets worse, because the next example was a cruise ship. “What is wrong with Waldo? That’s the last place he should be. And look at the people,” Kimmel said as the camera zoomed in on someone who looked seasick. “This sailor has obviously been stricken by the virus.”

And in the third and most terrifying example, Kimmel noted that Waldo survived the beach, “but guess where he goes? Directly to the airport.” Making the scene even worse, Kimmel zoomed in on one cartoon person with a very familiar-looking mustache. “If this wasn’t already nightmarish enough, guess who they found angrily waiting for his luggage at baggage claim? That’s right, Hitler. Adolf Hitler, who the CDC recommends you stay at least eight feet away.”

“Anyway, my point is, the answer to the question “where’s Waldo?” should be in the godd—ed house, on the godd—ed couch,” Kimmel said.

Watch the bit, which happens early on, and also his interview with Joe Biden, in the clip above.