Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Trump Speech: ‘More Forced Applause Than a Kim Jong Un Birthday Parade’

The audience ate it up – and the jokes kept on

Jimmy Kimmel took some shots at President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening, mocking his first state of the union address with a number of cutting barbs.

“Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi spent the whole speech looking like they ate a bag of expired batteries,” said Kimmel remarking on their dour expressions. “As is always the case, there were a lot of standing ovations. There were more forced applause than a Kim Jong Un birthday parade at this thing tonight.”

Interesting context: the parents of Otto Warmbier, the American college student who was arrested while visiting North Korea and later died as a result of illnesses contracted during his year-long imprisonment, were in the audience at the State of the Union address.

Kimmel’s audience ate the jokes up – and the jokes kept coming.

In addition to the scripted applause lines, Kimmel also poked fun at many Democrat’s decision to bring immigrants as their official guests to protest the president’s immigration policies.

“A number Democrats brought immigrants with them to the speech tonight, not just Democrats, the president brought an immigrant as his guest too,” said Kimmel as the camera panned to footage of First Lady Melania Trump walking into the Capitol.

Mrs. Trump was born in Slovenia.

Kimmel also joked about their marriage and suggested that the First Lady wore a white pantsuit in honor of the person she really voted for — Hillary Clinton.

The laughs notwithstanding, President Trump delivered relatively standard speech Tuesday evening, drawing repeated applause from GOP lawmakers, while Democrats sat mostly stone-faced.

You can watch the Kimmel riff above