Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Donald Trump as ‘Tornado of Fake News’ (Video)

“He’s the Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley and Great Wall of China of Fake News combined,” the host says

Last Updated: October 6, 2017 @ 8:04 AM

Jimmy Kimmel called out President Donald Trump on his show Thursday night for not only lying, but being the king of liars.

It started with a report that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had considered resigning and had called Trump a “f—ing moron” behind his back.

“And that’s got the President’s little thumbs tingling,” Kimmel said before reading out the President’s tweet, asking the Senate Intel Committee to look into the “Fake News Networks.”

NBC particularly became the focus of Trump’s ire because it broke the Tillerson story. In a later tweet, Trump said that Tillerson never threatened to resign.

The host pointed out the irony in Trump’s tweet. First, the Senate Intelligence Committee is investigating fake news, but more of the Russian variety.

Second, is that “no breathing human on the planet Earth produces more fake news than Donald Trump,” he said. Kimmel pointed to Politifact’s Trump scorecard, which shows only 5 percent of the statements it has tracked have proven to be true.

“And that’s just the stuff he says in public!” Kimmel marveled, calling Trump “a tornado of fake news” and “the Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley and Great Wall of China of Fake News combined.”

And then he went in for the coup de grace: “Donald Trump criticizing fake news is like Hugh Hefner criticizing fake breasts.”

Watch the full clip above.

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